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Types of Magic and what they do[]

Thaumatergy - This is the sphere of magic which is used to "detect," "disguise," or "read" Magic. This can be used to find magical items, determine the potency of a magical event or object (including opposing spellcasters). Furthermore, this sphere of magic, in combination with other spell spheres, can be used to "enchant" objects.

Warp - Individual teleportation. The basic movement distance is 5 feet (1 hex) at the first degree of success. For every extra degree of success, the distance travelled is doubled. Any of the character's "standard" equipment is automatically carried along. If a character tries to bring another character along for the ride, the resulting travel distance is divided by 2 or every addition character. For additional materials which are not other people, GM will make the call on the penalty to travel distance.

Telekinesis -

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