2d12 Wiki

Alright, here is a list of things that may be important to keep in mind while trying to navigate this website.


-First of all, the wiki is neither perfect, complete or necessarily up to date.

-Keep in mind that these rules are designed to be simple and inclusive and are intended to be able to encompass many genres of gameplay. Nothing is terribly specific for the primary rules and it is up to the GM to go with the flow in-game for the more specific rules and instances.

-Suggestions are always welcome for how to improve the game. I personally change this game and its rules faster than the countries of central Africa change governments (sorry, that may have been a distasteful low-blow) so I am always open to fresh input.

-Try to not to "power-game"....campaigns suck when that happens.

Game Mechanics

-Whenever the word "average" is mentioned, it does not mean "average." For the sake of the game rules, calculate averages when necessary, and then DO NOT follow rounding rules decimals. Simply DROP any decimals/fractions. Another way to view this is to always round towards 0. Since this has a huge impact on further calculations (and the disposition of any math teachers), make sure to do all calculations, additions and averages BEFORE dropping decimal/fraction values from any given number. If you don't understand this, consult the GM because it is "slightly" important.

-Almost everything in this game is determined by "degrees of success." That is to say, the more a character succeeds (or, in some cases, fails), then the greater the numerical result. A nifty chart can be found on the "in-game rules" page, but basically each factor of success is a difference of 3 on dice rolls.